Saturday, 8 March 2014


I have changed my eating habits of late and am so much healthier than my typical, fast food indulging self. So, the last thing I would of thought to happen would be to a have a massive breakout on my face! For me, this is a massive issue right now because my skin is known for being on it's best behavior usually with the odd spot on the rare occasion. I have no idea why this has happened and turned to my usual problem solving app...Google. I read that when you begin eating healthy, bad toxins come to the surface and cause breakouts. I also read that drinking water will clear it right up. WRONG...I am drinking only water and coconut water thank you very much! God knows what's factual and what's not. Note to self: Stop Wikipeding my life. 

In a panic, I went to Boots to try and solve the problem. I thought that maybe I needed a little scrub for my face to try and wash away the spots and dry skin around that area. I purchased Clearasil Daily Clear Vitamin & Extracts Scrub. Most scrubs have such rough particles in but this one is quite gentle but rough enough that you can feel it working. It smells very fresh, kind of like cucumber and berries. I've only been using for a few days and my skin has improved slightly, however this could be due to the many different products I've decided to cover my face with. It also could of been helped by the sun bed I had in a bid to clear my skin. 

I also brought Very Berry face mask to treat myself to a relaxing evening. As usual however, I simply never got round to it! I love these face masks, especially the chocolate flavours and the self-heating hot mud ones. They are a fab price at around £1 each depending on where you buy. Superdrug always have them in stock and they even sell them at Primark these days! Definitely worth a try if you haven't before. 

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