Sunday, 16 February 2014


We're well into February and I'm still yet to try the Yankee Candle Collection gift set I got for Christmas last year. It's a large set of 12, two of each of the following scents: Cherry Vanilla, Lavender Spa, Vanilla Frosting, Cranberry Zest, Soft Cotton, Simply Cinnamon.

I have become such a fan of Candles recently, that my boyfriend had the shock of his life when he came into our amazingly clean room filled with a million and one different scented candles alight. We both had such blocked up noses the next morning, that I realized I may have gone a little over the top maybe. This year I intend to use one at a time to really get the scent of each candle I own. It's the small tea light candles that tend to disappear within a few hours so I really appreciate a candle that goes the extra mile. That's exactly what my experience is with Yankee. I brought my mum a large jar for Christmas 2012 and she still has a little bit left now.

Cherry Vanilla: This is a very sweet smell with a subtle hint of Vanilla. I actually wished it has more Vanilla as I know that Cherry can become a little sickly after a while. 

Lavender Spa: Lavender hasn't always been a favorite scent of mine and really belongs with the little old ladies. Having said that, this little candle is actually rather nice! It's a light floral tone which is rather surprising as usually Lavender is so strong! This one is perfect for the Spring time. 

Vanilla Frosting: If anything can make you want to run down to the kitchen to make cakes, it's this scented candle. Perfectly sweet, you kind of want to bite it. I'm probably just a tad hungry!

Cranberry Zest: This ones a real fruity one! It's a smell you can imagine coming from a fruity shower gel in The Body Shop. 

Soft Cotton: One of my favourite in the set, it's that smell of clean washing that you cannot beat. 

Simply Cinnamon: I really believe that Cinnamon smells and tastes so much better at Christmas, so I'm going to keep this one firmly wrapped until the end of the year. 

By this point, I feel slightly high of smells that I decide to stop sniffing and light a candle so I can give my nose a hard earned rest. I would of loved to have lit the Soft Cotton candle but I feel that it should only be lit in the comfort of a spring-cleaned room, something that doesn't currently exist. Instead, I went for the Vanilla Frosting. Mainly because I could do with a good slice of cake, except I'm on a diet so that's totally out of the question. 

I've had a little search for these individually and you can buy them on the Yankee Candle website for £1.80 a piece. There are some amazing scented ones available now and I'm desperate to try Black Coconut, Hazelnut Coffee & Bahama Breeze. Which ones do you fancy?


  1. I love Yankee Candles they always smell great and burn really well! great review! now following xx

  2. I love the "Soft Cotton" one!! It smells very fresh & clean indeed:)

  3. Lovely post!


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