Wednesday, 12 February 2014

#February Nails: Valentine's Special

Exactly every 4 weeks, I have my nails re-filled and have a new design applied. These are the Valentine's inspired nails I had done today at my local nail salon. I asked for a thick white nail tip in airbrush and a red heart on each nail. I have a brilliant Chinese lady who does the designs on my nails but I have to say these aren't quite perfect on this occasion! The hearts aren't all exactly in the same place on each nail which is what I was after. Maybe I'm slightly too much of a perfectionist! I still think they look very simple yet totally in line with the occasion!

I still think Valentine's Day is so commercialized, however it's just an excuse to either go out with the girls when your single or convince your Boyfriend that it's crucial he takes you out if you're in a relationship. I'm the latter of the two this year, yet somehow the sneaky little git has got out of paying for most of it so far. We're heading up to Manchester to a nice hotel and a posh restaurant. It has to be said us and posh restaurants don't usually mix well, what with my boyfriend's awful table manners. If you can imagine a Pig eating out of its trough, you're pretty much spot on. Never the less I'm still looking forward to it and have brought a pretty amazing dress if I may say so myself. 

What will you all be doing Valentine's Day 2014?

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