Tuesday, 18 February 2014


I shall admit that I am not the best at taking off my make-up as religiously as I'd like. On a day to day, working basis I'm pretty good remembering to scrub away the make-up and fake tan residue. However, with few glasses of Pinot down me and I wake up with an orange pillow. I always used to think that skincare maintenance was just a chore but I have found two great products in the last few months, that I really enjoy using! Here goes..

Now I don't rate Clearasil a huge deal in general but these are literally amazing. I have no idea when these came about and I really discovered them by accident (basically, because they were on offer and I was on the cheap). Clearasil Superfruit Pads cleanse your skin and exfoliate simultaneously. I really don't know what materials are in these but it feels like little grains of grit working away at your skin. One of the great things about these pads are how wet they are, which makes a change from make-up wipes that dry out quickly. Beware however, as the pads are very strong so I wouldn't recommend them for the eye area! They have 1% Salicylic acid which is used in acne treatments, so it's great for keeping spots away. The pads smell lovely too but I put that down to the raspberry & cranberry extracts that are in them. At around £4 a pot  (that's 65 pads in each) depending on where you buy, they are slightly more expensive than your usual make-up wipes. However I always stock up when I see them on offer (which is pretty often in Sainsburys). In fact, my research tells me that they are currently £2.71 a pot in Boots, so try them whilst they're cheap!

The other product I use from my make-up removal duo, is Garnier Pure Active Deep Pore Unclogging Gel Wash. Once again, this was another impulse, a 1/3rd off, let's throw it in the trolley buy. I usually have a really hot bath in the evening to relax and use this one then. At first use there isn't much to write home about, however after a minute or so applying it to the skin, it starts to tingle slightly. Make sure you rinse well, otherwise your face will dry up slightly leaving you feel like you've just had botox!
 The gel is very smooth and you really don't need very much to spread across the face. I have had this for a few months now and I still have a fair bit left so it's really worth the money at £4.99 for a 200ml bottle.  The product promises results from day 1, with skin feeling purified and eventually marks reduced. I have to say that in terms of banishing the spots from the occasional break out, it does a great job of clearing them up in a few days.

Let me know your thoughts if you get round to trying these saviours!

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