Sunday, 16 February 2014


I have recently been fortunate enough to grab myself some Molton Brown skincare samples and am in the process of testing them all! I am a Molton Brown virgin and have not had the experience of using any of their products before, so it's been a great eye opener to another fab beauty brand. Within the samples I got, I received two hand creams. Now I have to admit, I am terrible at keeping my hands in the condition they deserve and rarely use hand creams. As you can see from the blogs before, my cuticles need some serious TLC and are majorly lacking moisture! Lazyness on my part...

I have to say that the colours of the bottle itself, were enough to make me want to test this product first and foremost. This hand cream in particular is from Molton's Pink Pepperpod range, a collection of Sultry, Humid and Spicy products. The smell itself really isn't something I'd usually go for, being a girl obsessed with fruity scents. However, having said that the smell is amazing and the more I sit here obsessively smelling my hand, the more it grows on me. It's a very subtle sweet scent that's not overbearing in the slightest.

The cream itself is a great combination of being not too thick yet not too thin that it's greasy. It spreads over your hand smoothly and absorbs extremely quickly. I began with only a very small amount to test and I began to think that the cream didn't have much smell. However, upon applying a little more generously (two pea sized amounts), I realized I was totally wrong. I can't say that my hands look noticeably different, but they certainly feel a lot smoother with this cream. 

Looking through the Molton website, it seems they are currently sold out of this hand cream and I can understand why. At £10 (40ml) a bottle, it's an affordable way to keep those hands feeling smoother and smelling subtly sweet. In fact I've fell in love with the scent so much, that I'm contemplating the candle from this range..ooops.

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