Wednesday, 19 February 2014


I've been using China Glaze at the salon for five years now. To be honest I'd never really heard of it before, being a non-high maintenance kind of girl back then. How times change, it's now one of my favourite varnish brands and my own home collection is rapidly expanding! This one's called Pizzazz and it's majorly jazzy. I only paint my own toe nails and this one stands out a mile. It makes for one nail on each hand and really makes a plain coloured set of nails exciting. With glitter typically, it's very thin and you have to put about ten coats on before you get all the glitter you want. However, this ones really thick and you get various flecks of colour and within 3 coats your whole nail is covered! I always cover it over with this top coat so the glitter can't chip off. It really does last which is so unusual with DIY nails! 

I usually buy my OPI & China Glaze varnishes from TK Maxx as they're a brilliant price and you can get some great little sets!

What are your favourite varnish brands?


  1. That glitter looks so cute! I love Essie!

    Cathy - helllo, Cathy

  2. Hello doll...
    I really enjoy reading your blog. It would mean a lot if you check and follow mine if you like.
    xoxo Nika

  3. Managed to snag a china glaze polish in poundland today! Must be too good to be true?

    AmBlog | Life, Beauty & Anything In Between.

    1. No this can totally happen, have seen them in 99p store before! Always see dark colours in there though, think i'm hoping for too much to see pink in there! x


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