Wednesday, 28 May 2014


The term "holiday blues" is one thing I'd never fully understood. If anything I was always happy to get home after an exhausting week of tequila and glow sticks. I guess that couples holidays are a far cry from the trips to Ibiza with the girls. 

I wheel my suitcase into my room, drop my bag and lie on my bed, severely depressed. The only thing that seems right to do, is to cry. Trust me you would cry too, if you left this behind...

We travelled far east to Kuala Lumpur via Malaysia Airlines. Debating the the recent plane disappearance, I quickly threw back a few motion sickness pills and began taking advantage of the complimentary wine on board. I have to say it worked rather well and soon I was snoring away.

We soon caught the attention of the honeymooners in the seats in front of us, much to our dis-may. They were more excited by the free drinks than we were and were switching their service light on every 5 minutes for a top up. They proceeded in telling us the the story of how they got together, sleeping together on the first date which she denied. A few drinks later she finally confessed. My boyfriend and I sat nudging each other trying not to laugh as they continued to shout about their sexual endeavors.

We rushed to our connecting flight, thankfully not having to wait too long until we reached the island. My boyfriend is a serial window hogger so I didn't get much of a view of the island coming in. But after a 14 hour flight, I was just happy to be in Koh Samui..

With a private transfer to the hotel, there were no Inbetweeners moments stopping at hotels, thanking god that you never booked such a hideous hotel. Luckily our hotel was just beautiful. With our own plunge pool, private garden and outdoor shower, we couldn't have asked for more.

 The view from the hotel pool was amazing, overlooking the sea. 

The food is Thailand is really delicious if you haven't tried it. I even lost weight whilst I was on holiday, which gives me great faith in the Thai diet! As a serial cocktail drinker, I think half of the pictures on my camera are of drinks!

Getting to drink coconut water out of a fresh coconut was really something quite special being a huge fan of CocoVita I was pretty much in heaven!

A few days in, we decided to do a little travelling around the island to see the sights on a day long tour guide. We travelled to the Big Buddah temple, The Secret Garden and The Waterfall. We ended the day Elephant trekking on a safari and then watching the animal shows.

Sunday, 30 March 2014


With such a hectic week, I've only just managed to try this little Lush treat! It's first and foremost a lip scrub, I try not to forget this as I itch to stick my tongue in the pot and eat it like sherbet! The smell is so sweet and candy like you can't help but open the pot again and again for a big whiff! 

You only need a small dab of the sugar and scrub over your lips to buff away dead skin cells and dry skin. Just a few brushes over my lips and they instantly feel smoother as I lick the sugar off. (Don't worry it does say you can lick it, it won't harm you I promise!) The ingredients are pretty simple and harmless, Caster sugar and Jojoba oil make up the scrub with just the added flavouring to create the smell and bright pink colouring. The oil really helps moisturize the lips as well. 

This should help your lipstick and gloss glide on more smoothly. You can use this scrub on a daily basis if you wish, I know I certainly will be adding this to my make up routine. It seems as if the scrub will last a fair few months as you only need a few grains of sugar each time you use. 

Overall, an excellent product, especially this time of year when the weather changes so quickly and your lips become dry and flaky in the cold weather. A must have in the make up bag!

Monday, 17 March 2014


In a matter of weeks, almost my entire make-up bag has been given a shake-up! I've discovered an array of new products thanks to the recent Boots 3 for 2 offer. So, other than bobby pins, lots of make-up sponges and cotton buds, here's what's in my make-up bag this month!

Max Factor Pan Stick Cover Stick
This is great for extra coverage around the t-zone areas. I feel like it does a better job of coverage than the liquid founations and you can get a really clear texture on your face. 

L'oreal Blush Minerals
I'm still getting the hang of using this one. You kind of have to dip the brush in the pot of blusher. I mean operationally, they definately haven't thought this one through. The little minerals get everywhere and the brush is tiny so I tend to use one of my own bigger blusher brushes. None the less, the actual blusher itself is fab. You don't need too much and it really does stay on the whole day.

Maybelline Superstay Better Skin Foundation
I haven't used this one so much yet as I really feel it will sit better on my skin when I fake tan. I have been totally lazy this week and am as pale as snow, so let's not dwell on that right now.

Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser:
This little baby has been such a good find! A small amount goes such a long way and it leaves your skin feeling really smooth.

L'oreal True Match Powder
To be honest I try to avoid powder as much as I can, as it can give quite a heavy look. However, what I do use it for is setting my eyeliner. It's totally inevitable, eye liner smudges to hell! I like to get a small brush and apply some powder under the eye-liner to help it stay in place. Although, it's not quite perfect it does improve the panda look.

Rimmel Kohl Special Eyes Black Eyeliner
A great cheap eyeliner than draws on well, totally recommend! Remember to set with a little powder!

L'oreal Color Riche Radiant Rose #S103
I am so in love with these lipsticks it's unreal. They're so soft and moisturizing, the colour lasts for such a long time and well.. it's pink. Enough said really.

L'oreal True Match Touche Magique Concealer
Having found this on Cosmetics Fairy for £3.49, I had to try this! This has definitely been a step in the right direction to finding my perfect concealer. It has slightly better coverage than the Rimmel one and seems to not clog up so much round my eyes.

Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer
I have been using this one for about a year now. I can't say it's amazing but it does the job for a few hours at least. I am so fussy with concealers and cannot find the perfect one as of yet. The only negative with this one is I tend to use it all up within a few weeks!

What key pieces are in your bag this month?

Saturday, 15 March 2014


I was totally shocked when I found out Nicole Scherzinger was going to collaborate with Missguided. I didn't think Missguided were really regarded that highly that someone so shamazing as Nicole would even consider designing a fashion range for such a brand. As much as I love Missguided, clearly I had underestimated them in the likes of the fashion world and what do you know; it was released this week!

It's a debut of 53 pieces including jumpsuits, cut-out dresses and sporty inspired apparel. What I love about the designs is that they are totally wearable unlike some celebrity designs. I absolutely love the cut out and halterneck dresses and they're a great length for keeping it sexy but sophisticated on a night out. The main theme of colours are white, black and electric blues. As a brunette, electric blue is the only shade of blue I can get away with wearing as darker blues and navys don't do me any justice! There are some amazing leggings in the pack that are perfect for any evening out when your not on a dress vibe. They will look fab with any coloured crop top! 

Here are my favourite pieces from the collection:

What will you be buying from the collection? 

Friday, 14 March 2014


I have been looking for a pair of casual shoes for a while now. It's so difficult to find the right pair when you're between seasons. Pumps are a no go with the April showers and a pair boots are just too hot for those random warm days. These seemed perfect when I saw them in Topshop yesterday. They sell them in yellow, plum and black as well. I did debate buying black, however I thought that camel is a bit more spring and pastel-like. Have to say though these do remind me of shoes I used to wear to school when I was little! Clearly us 90s kids were super fashionable! 

Any advice on what to wear with these?

Tuesday, 11 March 2014


I have been nominated for a Liebster award a few times now and it would be totally rude if I didn't respond again, so here goes. Thank you to Hannah & Rachel for nominating me both and spreading the word of new bloggers!

There are a few rules:
1. You must link back to the person who nominated you.
2. You must state 11 facts about yourself.
3. You must answer the 11 questions given to you, from your nominator. 
4. You must nominate other bloggers, and set 11 questions for them to answer.
5. You can’t nominate the person who nominated you.
6. You must tell the people you’ve nominated them, so they can take part!

11 Facts About Myself
1. My dream is to have my own online retail business
2. There isn't a day that I go without false individual lashes. 
3. I graduated with a 2:1 in Journalism last year.
4. I worked in a nightclub for 3 years. 
5. I am pretty much obsessed with all reality television. 
6. I cooked mushrooms on my sandwich maker for lunch today. Shockingly it worked! 
7. I have hundreds of DVDs...all in the wrong cases. 
8. I love travelling. (Well, going to different places staying in nice hotels. Not the back-pack, no make-up type. Yuck.)
9. Okay, so I did buy a back pack last year. But it was only to save luggage fees. Standard. 
10. I love writing. But don't really want to be a Journalist. 

And here are the questions Rachel has asked me to answer:
1) What is the one product you couldn't live without in your daily makeup routine?
Concealer. Does what it says on the tin. With constant black eyes that look like I've been in a boxing match every-day, it's crucial!
2) What is your go to eyeshadow look?
I don't wear eye-shadow as it weakens my false lashes my lash lady said. 
3) Favourite lipstick to rock a red lip?
For night it's Revlon Fire & Ice and for day it's Revlon Wild Watermelon. 
4) Favourite place to shop for clothes?
5) What do you want to do as a career or if you already have one, what do you do?
I am a Fashion Manager of a women's fashion brand. 
6) Talk us through an average day in your life
Work work work!
7) What's your number one skin cleanser?
Clearasil Refreshing Pads
8) Favourite spring outfit to wear?
I have just purchased an amazing yellow coat from Zara. It's my new best friend. 
9) How much makeup do you wear on an average day?
A tonne on an average day and a tonne and a half at night. 
10) The one hair styling tool or product you couldn't live without?
GHDs everyday. 
11) How do you store your makeup?
I have a mini storage tower, however I just brought some plastic storage pieces from China for my lipsticks. 

My nominations are:

Monday, 10 March 2014


 I recently found an fantastic website called Cosmetics Fairy. It's amazingly cheap and has so many of the products I buy in Boots on a regular basis, but at a third of the price! I made my first order last week and it finally arrived today. Here are the three Maybelline Sensational lipsticks I brought for only £1.98 each! I love a new lipstick but normally at £8-£10 each, it does get quite pricey! I couldn't wait to try these today and was pouting away on my lunch break testing my new colours. 

#550 Cherry Candy is a rich red shade, it has a slight shine to it which made my lips look like they had so much moisture to them. It's more a fruity shade of red and what i'd like to call a more casual day wear lipstick. 

#445 Mango Diamonds is my favourite of the three. It's a subtle shade of orange with just the right amount of coverage. I tend to find that orange shades can look quite blotchey and not cover your lips consistently but this one is great! 

#161 Juicy Pink is a nude coloured pink with a slight sheen of glitter to it. I wasn't sure about the colour at first as I much prefer my lipsticks without all the sparkles but it's actually quite subtle. 
These have been such a great buy and I encourage everyone to check out the Cosmetics Fairy website, you won't be disappointed!

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